About Us

Powerhouse Coaching:

Powerhouse Coaching Inc. was founded in 2013. It’s sole purpose was to help Real Estate Salespeople and Brokers to build their businesses to the level that they desired in the manner that they wanted. We are Committed to the Success of our clients, and believe that the very best way to do that is to provide coaching in a new and exciting ways.

Powerhouse Coaching is an innovative new coaching option to the real estate landscape. With our truly customized approach to coaching we are changing the way real estate agents do their business. We also believe that each real estate agent’s time is exceedingly valuable. This is why our events are not about pumping up your energy and telling you that you should do things differently but not actually giving you the tools to make lasting changes. We will walk through proven techniques that you can immediately put to use in your business to raise your bottom line and create the life you dream of.

Our clients have found these innovative coaching methods to be “just what the doctor ordered.” Many have gone on to have unparalleled successes as defined by them. For some it is to make more money, others do more deals, others to free up more time for other things in life. Whatever it is you are looking to accomplish this year, Coaching can help you, and we believe that Powerhouse Coaching will provide you the very best help available today!

Our Coaches:


Andy Herrington:

With a solid background in real estate, Andy Herrington was a member of three top producing teams (Craig Proctor Team, Dan Plowman Team and Tom & Diane Mitchell Team) before becoming a Full Time Real Estate coach in 2008. The teams that Andy has been a member of averaged over 350 transactions per year and placed #1 on the Toronto Real Estate Board 5 times. Andy has done everything from Listings and Buyers, to managing a Team of Outside Sales agents, to creating, training and running a department of Phone Specialists.

As a coach, Andy has worked with a wide variety of clients, from those who already had a team of 8-10 Realtors® to newer agents in the business working by themselves. He has had clients from all over Canada in markets as small as 10K people and as big as 5 million (GTA). He knows that the systems he writes about can work in any and all environments because he has helped countless people do just that.

Andy is viewed as an expert in systems, scripting, marketing, lead generation, business and team building. He is actively writing all the time hoping to inspire Realtors® to raise the reputation of our industry. This has lead to having numerous Real Estate articles published internationally over the years. As well as having contributed to the Book “LIST MORE, SELL MORE, LEAD MORE” and having his own book published “Powerhouse Dialing”.

He has a Bachelors degree from Brock University, and is also a certified DISC Personality Trainer. His greatest passion in life is coaching, helping and inspiring people to build and grow.