At Powerhouse Coaching Inc. We have different levels of coaching available for each individual or team.


Customized Coaching

Everyone agrees that One on One coaching is by far the best Coaching available. The feedback provided and the ability to ask questions of someone who has a wealth of knowledge  creates for amazing results. It truly is ‘two minds are better than one’ in action. However may other coaching programs available today provide one on one to only agents prepared to pay a very high cost in both terms of money and time. Then they water-down the benefits by being extremely regimented and having  a ‘one solution fits all’ mentality. Frankly it was our problem with Coaching back when we were participating in it as the Client.

Powerhouse Coaching on the other hand knows that there are numerous solutions to any problem and that a custom plan that matches and molds with other areas of the business (that are working) provides for the best solution. We therefore have numerous systems that can be implemented in your business, plus the ability and desire to build or alter these systems to create the perfect customized plan for you! This allows you the client to be in complete control of the coaching topics that are discussed.

Powerhouse Coaching also provides most vast ONE on ONE coaching options available today!

Weekly ,


and Monthly 

ONE ON ONE COACHING is available.

PLUS a Custom plan can be created at anytime.

We work together with you to deliver the information, systems and advice you want in the order you desire it, on the schedule you want as well.

Very few Real Estate Salespeople are the same, so how can a coaching program treat everyone the same?

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